yum yum - xcite noodles

Category defining disruptive brand in instant noodles market in Myanmar

Extensive quantitative and qualitative research enabled us to understand market challenges and what was corroding market share. From the data and insights into the target demographic LIQUID crafted a strategy that built upon the cultural context of the audience and sought to create a brand designed to supersede the product and emotionally connect with the intended consumers.


By referencing cultural influences in the form of Korean inspired K-Pop and K-Rock, and graphic comics, LIQUID began to conceive a strategy whereby the development of characters within a band would create the emotional connection desired. Using the classic pop band methodology Xcite characters would be broad ranging in personality yet a good match for each one of the five flavours. In a wider context, the brand offers self-actualisation for consumers to feel part of the wider Asian community.

Within three months Yum Yum Xcite achieved significant market share and is now a well-known brand among all consumers in Myanmar, with target demographics requesting hair styles and dressing like the characters: great examples of a successful brand. 

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yum yum - xcite noodlesyum yum - xcite noodles
yum yum - xcite noodlesyum yum - xcite noodles

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