Yoma Bank


Yoma Bank, having regained its banking license in 2012, chose LIQUID as its partner to re-launch into the modern Myanmar market. The challenge was how to bring the bank to operational best practice and announce its return as a formidable organization.


We spent considerable time interviewing both internal and external stakeholders to understand brand perceptions and possible concerns, as well as the objectives of the board. This research allowed us to maneuver the brand into a unique position in the market and to clearly define it so that the organization, the staff and the market know who the organization is and what the brand means.

Our launch strategy itself was unique in Myanmar. By using real people to tell the story of the bank from 4 different perspectives (two types of customers and 2 types of employees to highlight the USPs of the bank) we were able to showcase the transparent and honest brand values of the organization, while simultaneously communicating to the market that the bank is like ‘you’ and part of the fabric of the community, with a role to play in helping the people and the country develop and prosper.

The launch itself was multi-channel, the strategic planning, creative development, implementation and management of which was all completed by LIQUID, and was executed through print, OOH (billboard), TV, radio, online and social media. The campaign was well received by the intended audiences and had a significant positive impact on the bank’s balance sheet.

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Yoma Bank

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