Disruptive brand strategy to invigorate the Thai Car Insurance Market

Having achieved success in foreign markets, the founders of this new team approached LIQUID to help create a brand that would stand out in Thai market. It should take influences from similar industries in other countries and apply nuanced Thai sensitivities to produce a brand that is not only category defining but also a commercial big hit.


Our research centred on consumer focus groups as well as extensive desk-based research for clear insight into the Thai car insurance market, other online/insurance markets and the decision factors affecting Thai consumers. The findings led us to mould a brand that was able to keep up with the fast paced transition from offline to online that was happening in the market. By taking the approach of crafting solutions from the ground up, they were able to develop a product with their consumers in mind. Once the name and identity had been developed, Liquid carried out further testing with the target group to ensure the brand was being received as intended. The feedback was excellent and we have big hopes for this product in the years to come.

RooJai in Thai means “to know your heart”, to understand what other people need and to work with them to achieve it. This level of customer service was identified as a big decision factor for the target group and became a major focus for the brand. The mascot of a kangaroo was selected for several reasons; the pouch infers care and protection, and while the animal is well known in Thailand, it wasn’t associated with preconceptions which gives us space to grow the brand through developing new associations with the animal.

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